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New Student Registration

New Student Registration Checklist

Registration Forms to be completed by Parent/Guardian

Parents with first-time students who are to be enrolled in Regional School District #13 are required to have their address verified as the first step in registering their child for school. 

 Regional School District #13

New Student Registration


Items to be submitted by Parent/Guardian before a student can be enrolled.

  • Residency Forms: Documents required for proof of residency are as follows:
  • A utility bill, if you own your own home; or
  • A lease agreement signed by all parties, if you are renting followed up by a utility bill as soon as one is available; or
  • A completed and notarized Local Resident’s Statement if you are living with someone in town, or
  • A lease or copy of a settlement statement or deed from your closing if you are moving to town followed up by a utility bill as soon as one is available.
  • Health and Immunization Records (approval from Nurse)
  • Release of Information form
  • Student Information/Emergency Form (through PowerSchool)
  • Bus Information Form

If applicable, the following information will also be required:

  • Current Individual Education Plan(IEP) for Special Education Students
  • Proof of Guardianship
  • Court Records of custody, visitation rights, parental restrictions, etc.

Proof of Residency Forms

Release of Information Form

Bus Information Form

School Supply List

School supplies will be provided by District 13.