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Welcome to Memorial Middle School

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Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome to Memorial School. We are so pleased to have you as part of our school community this year.

Memorial School is a community of learners that respects and develops life long learning while supporting students through the beginning of middle school. We house grades four through six in both the Contemporary (4-6) and the Integrated Day (5-6) programs. The Core Ethical Values of respect, responsibility, honesty, kindness and courage are used in all aspects of our Memorial day, and are upheld daily by students and staff.

As principal, I am proud of our dedicated faculty and staff at Memorial School. Their commitment to the education of the students in Durham and Middlefield is unmatched. The home school partnership is integral to your students success and we encourage you to communicate often. Please share student successes as well as trials and we will work as partners toward the betterment of your student.

On behalf of the entire staff here at Memorial School, I welcome you and look forward to meeting you in the the near future.

Debra L. Stone


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